Donald Trump Jr. On Sarah Jeong Tweets — ‘She’s An Asian Woman So She Can Say Whatever She Wants About White People’

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

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Donald Trump Jr. on Saturday criticized The New York Times’ decision to add Sarah Jeong to their editorial board despite the revelation of her many racist, anti-white tweets.

During an interview with Breitbart editor Matt Boyle, Trump Jr. pointed out the double standard evident in a time when, had the racial roles been changed, Jeong would have most certainly lost her job.


“She’s an Asian woman so she can say whatever she wants about white people,” Trump Jr. said. “Imagine she said the same thing about Hispanics? Imagine she said the same thing about black people? People would be losing their minds. It would be outrage. But she can say it about white people. I mean, it’s no different than any other form of racism, and sort of the notion that you can’t be racist against white people – it’s ridiculous. It makes no sense to any rational person, but this is a narrative that the far left will push.”

“Everything is doubling down to go further left, and let’s see how much crazier we can get each and every day. I think it’s only helping us. I think it’s making 2020 look really easy,” he added. (RELATED: Trump Jr. Looks At Current DNC Platform, Sees Stunning Similarities To 1930s Germany)

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