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New Ad Tells Trump: ‘Don’t Be Impotent. Don’t Fire Mueller.’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A new TV ad from a non-profit has a pretty searing message for President Trump: Don’t Don’t be impotent. Don’t fire Mueller.

The nearly 10K ad will air in Bedminister, New Jersey market beginning Tuesday on Trump’s go to shows that include “Fox & Friends” and “Hannity.” The ad will air for a few days.

“Is the swamp swallowing Donald Trump?” a promo for the group roars with an open-mouthed image of an alligator.

The ad comes from a group called the Swamp Accountability Project. The voice is a scruffy pro-Trump white guy with a blond beard who challenges the President on something he cares a lot about: His manliness. His sex drive.

The people behind the ad — pro-Trump voters — insist they don’t want the President to fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. It urges the President to leave Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein alone, and get on with the business of Making America Great Again.

Strategist Liz Mair, who is handling publicity for the ad’s release, explained the group like this: “It’s a non-profit that doesn’t have to disclose its donors but has limits on the amount it can spend on electoral stuff.”

Funding for the ad is something of a mystery: “We have a lot of donors, ranging from bigger to smaller. everyone from hard-right California Republicans to standard liberals to libertarians and I think a few people who aren’t even political,” she explained to The Mirror.

Since Trump will be at his compound in Bedminster this week, the project is certain he’ll see it. “I am pretty confident he will see it several times before the week is out, during his ‘executive time,'” Mair joked. “We have a target audience of literally one human.”

As for the scruffy guy in the ad, Mair says his identity is being kept quiet. “We don’t want him to be another Joe the Plumber,” she says.

Political observers in Washington won’t be able to view the ad on TV.

Watch the ad. See the script below.

“Mr. President, I voted for you in 2016 because I wanted to Make America Great Again.
After eight years of President Obama’s weak leadership, I was ready for a tough leader.
Now I hear you’re thinking of firing Bob Mueller or the Deputy Attorney General. It makes you look weak, petty, and impotent to us Trump supporters. We don’t want someone that’s weak, petty or impotent— that’s why we voted for you instead of those other guys.Don’t fire Mueller or the Deputy AG. Just focus on Making America Great Again.”