Comedian Michael Ian Black Accuses Stephen Miller Of Flashing ‘White Power’ Symbol

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Town & Country)

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Comedian Michael Ian Black accused White House adviser Stephen Miller of flashing a “white power” symbol on Twitter Tuesday.

Black tweeted out a photo of Miller from 2017 in which he appears to be awkwardly adjusting his suit and tie. Miller’s thumbs and index fingers are touching in the photo, making it look like he may have been making an “okay” sign.

“Flashback to that time Stephen Miller threw a white power sign in the White House briefing room,” Black wrote. “And yes, that’s exactly what the fuck he was doing.”

A senior researcher from the Anti Defamation League previously debunked the idea that Miller was making a white power gesture.

“He seems merely to be adjusting his suit and tie, while his hand positioning does not actually resemble the ‘WP’ hand sign that some California-based white supremacist street gang members use,” Mark Pitcavage told Snopes in 2017. “More importantly, there is no reason why Miller would even know of such an obscure symbol, much less use it, and in any case, Miller is Jewish and would be rejected by white supremacists on that basis.”

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