Corey Lewandowski Outsmarts Sacha Baron Cohen Prank

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Corey Lewandowski outsmarted Sacha Baron Cohen Sunday, turning the tables on the notorious political prankster. As the New York Post reports, Cohen has succeeded in embarrassing several high-profile conservatives on his “Who is America” show, but President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager did not join the “kick me” roster, sparring adeptly with Cohen during the “interview.”

Cohen attempted to entrap Lewandowski with talk of the mythical “Rastafarian lobby” controlling PBS. Lewandowski replied, “I wouldn’t know anything about that.”

Cohen attempted to string-along Lewandowski by extrapolating on the sinister work of the imaginary lobby.

“The Rastafarian lobby is behind a lot of the major military decisions of the last 30 years,” Cohen stated. “The invasion of Iraq was because the Rastafarian lobby, their leader, Gen. Robert Marley suggested that they had — they developed over 45,000 Buffalo soldiers. These dreadlocked Rastas who were marching through Africa into the heart of America, and then the plan was to take them into Iraq.”

Lewandowski feigned ignorance, saying “I don’t know if that qualifies as conclusive evidence. I’ve never seen that before.”

Cohen, acting as lunatic conspiracy theorist editor-at-large “Billy Wayne Ruddick, Jr.,” didn’t stop there, then asking his guest about Trump’s alleged racism and his views on the neo-Nazi movement.

Cohen suggested it was improper to attack “honest, fascist people that just want to express their right to start a genocide. That is their right!”

But Lewandowski was having none of it, replying, “Look, I don’t know about that … but what I do know is this: If the law says that people can do a peaceful protest, then they should be allowed to do that.”

Lewandowski may have given Cohen more than he bargained for when he brought the dialogue to a swift and Trump-approving conclusion:

“I had the privilege of standing and sitting next to candidate Trump — and now the president — for thousands of hours over my tenure running his campaign. Never, ever, ever did I ever hear him utter a racist word in his life. Ever.”

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