Antifa Protestor Punches Man During Facebook Live At ‘Unite The Right’ Rally And Chant Anti-American Slogans [VIDEO]

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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The “Unite The Right” rally held in Washington, D.C., at Lafayette Park on Sunday was a huge flop for the white nationalists.

Only a couple dozen showed up, while hundreds — if not thousands — of counter-protesters were in attendance.

The counterprotest, however, wasn’t exactly peaceful. A man who was filming the anti-hate protesters was punched in the face several times while The Daily Caller was streaming live on Facebook.

In the Facebook video, you can hear the voice of Daily Caller News Foundation reporter Henry Rodgers talking to a man who was assaulted by Antifa, this while another man in the background wearing a yellow poncho gets struck in the face several times.

During the rally, the anti-hate crowd chanted anti-American and anti-cop slogans like, “America was never great,” and, “All these racists, killer cops, we don’t need them, need them.”

They also chanted at officers in the area who were there protecting everyone, telling them, “Quit your job.”

President Trump denounced all forms of racism and violence in a tweet Saturday morning, specifically mentioning the Charlottesville riots that occurred one year ago.

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