Fox News’ Website Beats CNN Brand For The First Time Ever

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News’ website outranked the entire CNN brand in the month of July, extending the network’s dominance to the internet.

Fox News routinely outperforms CNN in cable ratings, more than doubling CNN’s average primetime viewers last week, according to Nielsen Media Research. Now Fox is bashing CNN’s websites as well. (RELATED: CNN Falls To The History Channel In Primetime Ratings) 

In July, beat CNN Brand in total page views for the first time ever, bringing in 1.5 billion multi-platform views over CNN Brand’s 1.4 billion views.

Prior to July, outpaced for three consecutive months, according to comScore data. (RELATED: Fox News’ Website Tops CNN In Total Page Views For 3rd Consecutive Month)

The “CNN Brand” vs. “” distinction is important because “CNN has split different sections of into separate entities on comScore,” MediaPost writes.

“CNN Money, for example, lives on the URL (part of, but its traffic is not included in the entity,” they explain.

Therefore, in July, Fox managed to beat all of CNN’s entities combined.

CNN, however, did manage to top Fox News in unique visitors and uses that metric to dub themselves the “#1” digital news company in “all key metrics.”

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