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Do you love to travel or go on long hikes with your dog? I know I do. It is a lot of fun, but you also have to remember to bring a lot of things like big clunky bowls for food and water. To avoid all of that, I discovered the Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl Collapsible Food and Water Bowl.

Normally $7, this travel dog bowl is 29 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $7, this travel dog bowl is 29 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl Collapsible Travel Dog Food and Water Bowl on sale for $4.99

This thing has been a game changer for my dog and me. Every time we are out for long stretches of time I no longer have to pack an extra bag for him. I literally just fold the bowl into my bag and pull it out when I need to use it. It expands out into the bowl form and my dog can then enjoy his food, water, or whatever it is. And when he is done I can just fold it right back up.

And the best part is that this thing is so cheap. You can now get the large size on sale from Amazon for just $5. There is also a small size available if you want it. Amazon has named this product a number one best seller in the dog travel supplies category, so you know you’re getting a good quality item that will last you a long time.

Have you ever tried a collapsible bowl for your dog before?

Dog bowl (Photo via Amazon)

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