Trump: ‘I Never Respected’ John Brennan


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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President Donald Trump trashed former CIA director John Brennan on Friday and defended revoking Brennan’s security clearance.


Trump claimed in response to a question about revoking the clearance that he’s had a “tremendous response” to the decision.

“I know I’ve gotten tremendous response from having done that because security clearances are very important to me,” Trump asserted. “Very, very important. And I’ve had a tremendous response for having done that.”

The president also denied allegations that he is trying to silence his critics by taking away their security clearances, declaring that he gave Brennan an even “bigger voice.”

“There’s no silence. If anything I’m giving them a bigger voice,” he said. “Many people don’t even know who he is and now he has a bigger voice. And that’s okay with me because I like taking on voices like that. I have never respected him. I have never had a lot of respect.”

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