Toronto Police Arrest Man Accused Of Assaulting Journalist At Antifa Protest

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Police on Saturday arrested a man accused of assaulting a Toronto journalist as he covered an Antifa demonstration last weekend.

As the Toronto Sun reports, the rowdy crowd of leftists verbally harassed one Toronto Sun reporter while a photographer with the same newspaper said he was physically assaulted.

The Antifa protest — at an anti-Muslim rally that never happened —was barely covered by the Canadian media, even after it was revealed that two journalists felt threatened by the crowd of toughs. (RELATED: Antifa Targets Police, Media At Toronto ‘Stop The Hate’ Rally)

Police say the assault suspect “did not turn himself in,” according to the Sun. Toronto Police confirmed the suspect, Donald Joseph MacLeod, was taken into custody on Saturday — one day a before his 29th birthday.

There was little action by the police on the day of the demonstration. As the Sun reports, photographer Stan Behal had to file a complaint about the alleged incident that he says left him with a concussion. The entire episode was captured on video.


“It is good there has been an arrest for the assault,” Behal said after learning a charge had been laid. “It’s been my only intention to make it safer for working journalists to do their job in this current climate.”

Behal told CBC News that he was hit on he head by someone wearing a grey T-shirt.

“Out of nowhere, a man lunged, I saw an arm swinging towards my left temple, I managed to block it, partially, he did hit me,” Behal said.

“He did grab with his right hand, my left arm and pulled me towards him,” Behal continued. “And with his left arm, he proceeded to pound the top of my head, grab the top of my hat and hair and pull it off my head.”

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