Kevin Hart Goes After The President During The Video Music Awards

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Comedian Kevin Hart insulted President Trump during his opening remarks at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night.


“Beefs pop off, bad language, people run to the bathroom and send out crazy tweets,” Hart said. “It’s basically like a typical day in the White House,” Hart screamed.

He then concluded with, “In your face, Trump! Suck it!” He was on stage with fellow comedian Tiffany Haddish.

Hart’s words contradict a statement a spokesperson for him made back in June.

After disgraced comedian Kathy Griffin called him a “pu**y” for not including Trump in his comedy, that spokesperson fired back about the continued political commentators disguised as comedians. (RELATED: Why Kevin Hart Won’t Talk Trump: ‘People Are Tired Of The Political Banter From Comedians’)

“Everyone has something to say about Donald Trump, and that’s the reason Kevin isn’t speaking on him. Kevin honestly feels the Trump bits are overused and knows that people are tired of the political banter from comedians,” a spokesperson for him stated.

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