Nation’s Editors Unionize Fake News

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Harlan Hill Contributor
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When you abandon the pursuit of the truth to promote a political agenda through errors and deceitful reporting, you abandon any claim to objective journalism.

President Trump knows this, which is why he consistently blasts the mainstream media for their blatant biases — and why the fake news media are furious with him.

Instead of doing something useful, such as working to fix their institutional bias problem, the Boston Globe editorial board recruited over one hundred industry peers to publish editorials on Thursday attacking the President — for attacking them.

The Globe effectively unionized the media to claim the President is wrong for attacking fake news by presenting a unified front for the purpose of pushing their political agenda.

What they clearly don’t understand — or, more likely, don’t want the American people to understand — is that when President Trump attacks the fake news media, he is not attacking all news media. He is simply calling out the pseudo-journalists and partisan publications in the mainstream media that spread fake news.

Ironically, President Trump likely respects the editorial space of the news media, which is the part that was unionized against him this week. It’s the news section, which purports to practice objective journalism but instead practices political activism disguised as journalism, that comprises the fake news media.

Yet, the nation’s top editors are now using their editorial space to promote the fake news in the news space.

And, boy, there’s a lot of fake news in the media these days.

In their initial appeal to industry peers advertising this stunt, the Boston Globe wrote, “publications, whatever their politics, could make a powerful statement by standing together in the common defense of their profession and the vital role it plays in government for and by the people.”

Of course, much of the mainstream media long abandoned such a role.

Throughout the campaign — and indeed since it finished — much of the mainstream media’s coverage of Donald Trump has been hysterical to the point of unhinged. When the mainstream media haven’t been implying that Donald Trump and his supporters are fascists or racists, they outright lie about the President and his agenda.

This was glaringly evident during the mass media freakout over family separation at the border — a practice that predated President Trump’s time in office, but one that the media nevertheless dubbed “President Trump’s child separation policy.”

But the fake news media’s bias goes far beyond political attacks against the President.

Indeed, it would be easy to dismiss the media elites as mere partisan hacks, but in some instances, their ideological biases seem to have become so ingrained that they seem unaware they even exist. Either that or they just don’t care.

Just days after New York Times Publisher A.G. Sulzberger met with President Trump to complain about the way he was treating the press, his paper went and hired a left-wing racist who hates white people.

This Monday, following a weekend of violence that saw radical left-wing Antifa domestic terrorists beat up cops and assault journalists, CNN’s Chris Cuomo defended the extremist violence. According to Cuomo, hurting completely innocent people is a-okay if it’s done in the nebulous name of anti-Fascism.

But the mainstream media aren’t just defending radical, violent leftists — they’re also encouraging radicals and stoking their rage. This fact makes the mainstream media’s claims that President Trump’s rhetoric places them in danger all the more absurd and hypocritical.

Jim Acosta got teased by a few of President Trump’s supporters at a rally and the guy reacted like the victim of a hate crime. President Trump called Don Lemon stupid and Lemon acted as if the president just called for his arrest.

These meaningless incidents follow the shooting in 2017 of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who was shot by a left-wing activist, and the brutal attack on Senator Rand Paul in his own front yard. That’s to say nothing of the threats faced daily by the men and women who support the President’s America First agenda as a result of the hate and hysteria incited by the media.

The sad fact is that journalistic integrity is a relic of the past. For decades, the majority of the mainstream media have acted as propaganda bureaus for the left, the Democrats, and the globalist elites.

But unlike his weak-kneed Republican predecessors, President Trump refuses to let the fake news media get away with their lies. That’s why the Boston Globe and their partisan confederates lashed out at the President and unionized against the truth.

Like the young boy in the fable, President Trump has declared that the media emperor wears no clothes, and the mainstream media are watching with horror as their control over the political and social narrative in America finally slips from their grasp.

Unionize though they may, this President will call them what the rightly deserve to be called: fake news.

Harlan Hill is a political advisor, media commentator, and an advisory board member of the Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.