Chicago Mayor Defends City That Trump Called A ‘War Zone’

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel defended his city Wednesday against an attack from President Donald Trump that labelled the troubled metropolis a “war zone.” Emanuel suggested Trump focus on his own issues and tried to turn the page by referring to the president’s legal quandaries.

“First of all, we’ll always be a welcoming city, because Chicago welcomed my grandfather, etc. But let me just say one thing, if I were Donald Trump, I’d spend my time figuring out which attorney I’m going to have,” Emanuel told Chicago’s Fox 32.

Trump had demanded Tuesday that Emanuel do something about the city’s high crime and homicide rate as well as its sanctuary city status that allows illegal immigrants to go unmolested by police.

“Take a look at Chicago. How about the mayor of Chicago? It’s like a war zone. This is what those policies do,” Trump told Republican faithful.

According to Fox, in Chicago last weekend, almost 60 people were shooting victims and four people were murdered.

Emanuel faces not only mounting criticism for the escalating lawlessness in Chicago but a serious challenge from his former police superintendent Gary McCarthy.

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