CNN Parrots WaPo Report — But Takes It A Step Further


John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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CNN parroted a Washington Post article about the Trump administration electing not to renew passports of Hispanics born near the border due to skepticism concerning whether they were actually born in the United States Thursday.

While the Washington Post article doesn’t mention the fact that the policy began under the Bush administration and continued under Obama until the ninth paragraph  CNN neglected to mention this fact altogether. (RELATED: WAPO BURIES BUSH/OBAMA CONNECTION TO PIN STATE DEPARTMENT POLICY ON TRUMP ADMINISTRATION)


“It is shocking at it’s face,” said Nick Valencia, A CNN correspondent. His reporting attributed the policy only to the Trump administration.

He continued:

But evidently this is something that’s been happening for years to residents of south Texas, specifically those who were born in midwives. However, what ‘The Washington Post’ is reporting that under President Trump, under his administration, there has been an uptick that’s affecting hundreds, if not thousands of residents in south Texas. What we are learning from two attorneys that we spoke to earlier this morning is that they say there’s a surge. This is happening more and more frequent under President Trump. CNN has been unable to independently verify that. The State Department has not provided ‘The Washington Post’ or CNN for that matter with specific raw numbers.

“But this is what they are saying about the practice,” Valencia said before going on to explain:

This policy has not changed. The policy or practice regard regarding the adjudication of passport applications. This is what they are saying. According to the paper it’s impossible to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate birth certificates specifically for those born to midwives between 1950s and 1990s. Their claim is that even in some cases, physicians have provided illegitimate birth certificates to babies that were actually born in Mexico. According to the paper, again, this is nearly impossible but the denials are happening. It’s worth noting at a time when President Trump is lobbying for stricter voter I.D. Laws, stricter federal voter I.D. Laws.

This would presumably impact many Latino voters, people who lived in the United States their entire lives, have voted, in some cases, individuals who have been border patrol agents, fought for the country to get their passport renewed and having that denied. This practice happening when voter I.D. Laws, the lobby is happening by President Trump. This would affect a sliver of Texas that’s heavy democratic.

This segment puts into question whether CNN actually read the entire article. If they had, why would they omit the fact that former President Barack Obama played a role in this ongoing issue?