Trump Can’t Tout Economic Accomplishments Until He Doubles The Stock Market, Says Jim Himes

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Democratic Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut said former President Barack Obama has a better track record with economic recovery than President Donald Trump, adding Trump should temper his celebration.

“During Barack Obama’s presidency, the market went from 7,000 to 20,000. That’s a three times doubling. Sorry that’s three times,” Himes said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday. (RELATED: Jim Himes Predicts Terrible Fate For Anyone Who Challenges Comey Or Mueller — ‘Rot In Hell’)

Himes claimed Trump can’t tout his economic accomplishments until he doubles the stock market the way Obama and the Democrats did.


“President Trump has seen 40 percent rise in the stock market and he crows about it. You know what, when he doubles the stock market which is not even what Barack Obama does, then he can talk to the American people about what an economic star he is,” Himes continued.

Host Brian Kilmeade said Democrats would have a hard time running against Trump on the economy, but Himes predicted his party will seize upon the tax cuts as a debt creator and paint it as a perk for the wealthy.

“We can run on the fact that the Republicans took their American people’s children’s money in the form of a $2 trillion deficit and handed it to a whole bunch of corporations who didn’t need it and a whole bunch of rich people who are doing just fine in this country,” Himes concluded. “That’s what we’re going to run on.”

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