CNN’s Chris Cuomo Asks Where NYT Op-Ed Writer Has Been This Whole Time

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked why an anonymous New York Times op-ed writer waited so long to share their opinion on President Donald Trump, Thursday on “Prime Time.”

“Integrity is a one-way street in journalism, protect your source, even if they don’t protect you. And then the real question, why? Why did the Times agree to do it this way?” Cuomo asked. (RELATED: Chris Cuomo Tries To Justify Antifa’s Violent Tactics ‘Are They Equally Wrong?’)

The New York Times published the op-ed by an anonymous Trump administration source Wednesday. The official claimed there were staffers in the White House committed to stopping the president’s agenda.

“[The Times] said, ‘We believe publishing this essay anonymously is the only way to deliver an important perspective to our readers.’ Was it? What did the op-ed do that wasn’t done by the Woodward book? Being anonymous carries the same suspicion in either case,” Cuomo continued. “Why do it now? To affirm the findings in the book? Was it done now to affect the election?”


Cuomo said the anonymous source doesn’t deserve to be hailed as a hero and asked why they didn’t come forward earlier to voice their concerns.

“Are they a hero? I don’t see why they would be called that,” Cuomo declared. “But that’s not the measure here, either, is it? The measure should be are they truthful and useful? So are they? Well, if they wanted to be truthful and useful, where were they during the acrimony of acidic policies like the travel ban and the kids in cages?”

Cuomo said the president is the one who needs to do some “real soul-searching” and ask himself why his staff has become so disloyal.

“The final question, what happens next? [White House Chief of Staff John] Kelly is really the grand inquisitor, rooting out the resistor, as they call the writer? Good luck. The place is a sieve,” Cuomo concluded. “The list of possibilities is a dozen long for a reason. Why not focus on why you keep hearing the same criticisms? Focus on making it better.”

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