CNN’s Chris Cillizza Mucks Up Reporting About Kavanaugh Accusations

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s Chris Cillizza has had a rough day on Twitter reporting on the allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In one tweet, Cillizza attributed false statements to President Donald Trump, claiming that Trump told “the FBI to ignore an allegation of sexual assault.”

Trump actually said during a presser with Poland’s president Andrzej Duda that he does not believe the FBI should be involved in investigating the allegations “because they don’t want to be involved,” adding that he would support the FBI if they wanted to investigate. (RELATED: Trump Shuts Down FBI Getting Involved In Kavanaugh Accusations)

In fact, the FBI has already stated that they will not investigate the allegations, likely because it is not their role — any criminal investigations would be under local jurisdiction.

Cillizza asserted in a separate tweet that asking Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s accuser, to provide details of when and where the alleged incident occurred would be “walking a VERY dangerous line.”

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