REPORT: James Comey Nearing A Deal With CBS To Bring His Tell-All Book To TV

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Jena Greene Reporter
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James Comey is reportedly nearing a deal with CBS to develop a mini-series based on his best-selling book, “A Higher Loyalty.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Comey has been working closely with CBS and its affiliates to get TV rights to his New York Times bestseller. And the process seems to be moving quickly since “Captain Phillips writer Billy Ray and “Star Trek: Discovery” writer Alex Kurtzman are both reportedly signed on to help produce the series. (RELATED: YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHO JAMES COMEY’S ROLE MODEL IS)

It’s not yet clear which CBS affiliate the show is slotted to air on. It’s likely down to three: CBS All Access, Showtime or broadcaster CBS. There’s a chance the network sells the mini-series to a different streaming service, but CBS has declined to comment on the matter so it’s up to us to guess for now.

This revelation does beg the question whether the show will fare as well as Comey’s book did. It seems that people still have an appetite for political books, but shows that get increasingly political (or at least critical of President Trump) tend to fetch lower ratings. (RELATED: THE EMMY RATINGS ARE IN. THEY TOOK A BRUTAL BEATING)

In July, Comey said, I hope to be forgotten.”

“I hope that someone will establish that what I did had absolutely no impact” on the 2016 election, he said at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

We’ll have to wait and see what kind of appetite — if any — America still has for James Comey.

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