Little Boy Asks Trump For A Hug

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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President Donald Trump visited hurricane ravaged North and South Carolina Wednesday to meet with families affected by the storm. The Carolinas are experiencing massive flooding and property damage after Hurricane Florence tore through the coastline over the weekend. At least 37 people were killed in the hurricane, with 27 fatalities occurring in North Carolina.

Trump visited the state of North Carolina in his first stop on Wednesday. During part of the visit, the president stood at a volunteer station and handed out food to families who were in need after the storm damaged their homes.

During one moment, Trump also handed out a hug.

Trump was in the middle of visiting with members of the community and handing out food when a boy standing next to him asked him a question. The boy, named Tucker, turned to Trump and asked “Can I have a hug?” Trump stretched out his arms and gave Tucker a hug, to the applause and delight of the other volunteer workers.

An elderly worker standing behind them said, “I think I’m gonna cry,” after watching the president embrace the boy.