These Are The Most Important Moments You May Have Missed From NFL Week 4

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Week 4 of the NFL is upon us and there’s something about this week that just feels right.

Maybe that’s because it’s finally October, and there’s a slight chill in the air. It just feels like football season. And with some pretty exciting — albeit predictable — wins in the books, it just feels like football is back in a big way. All is right in the world.

Here are the best reactions so far from Week 4:

The Rams are looking pretty unbeatable, despite their questionable uniforms:

The Texans pulled off a somewhat impressive victory and, still, nobody really cared:

The Packers found a way to restore order in the football world (we won’t mention those clownish uniforms):

The Bears look like a real football team, and Fitzmagic turned into Fitztragic overnight:

Well, the Dolphins had a good run:

People over-celebrated the Cowboys win:

The Falcons lost, and there’s a solid chance it has something to do with Matt Ryan looking like the guy who loads your car with groceries.

Blake Bortles is quickly securing his name as a legit QB:

The Browns barely lost, Baker Mayfield had a pretty successful first start, and Johnny Manziel wrote what’s almost certainly the first formal letter of his life:

The Seahawks eked out a win, but Earl Thomas’ injury gave the Le’Veon Bell contract controversy a human element:

The Saints pulled off another W and Louisiana local Odell Beckham Jr. was not having it:

The Chargers won but CJ Beathard wasn’t nearly as disappointing as we thought he’d be:

The Ravens are better than we first suspected and the Steelers might want to start panicking:

Something happened with the Eagles, and it might be time to bring in some backup:

The good’s getting separated from the great as this season progresses, and I think we’re all ready for another look at Mahomes tonight. The Chiefs play the Broncos tonight at 8:15 p.m.

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