What Was The Best Moment Of The Latest Kavanaugh Hearing?

Photo by Andrew Harnik - Pool/Getty Images

William Davis Contributor
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It was a marathon session of hearings between members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, Dr. Christine Blasy Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Both Ford and Kavanaugh provided dramatic, emotionally wretched testimonies that increased public sympathies for both parties and has led many to believe that this simply might be a misunderstanding. (RELATED: Three Witnesses Interviewed By FBI In Kavanaugh Probe Don’t Remember The Party In Ford’s Testimony)

While many have sympathy for Ford, a lot of the same people also admire the grace and courage that Kavanaugh and his family have displayed as they’ve gone through hell and back over the course of the past few weeks. Some also wonder how it’s possible that a man running for one of the highest positions in the country could be so defiant and so emotional on National TV if he truly committed such a despicable and heinous act.

So while last Thursday was not the best day in this country’s history, there were still plenty of riveting moments. Which one captivated you the most? Vote Below: