Trudeau Government Springs For Another Month Of ’Free’ Hotels For Illegals

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Illegal border crossers in Toronto will continue to stay in hotels at taxpayer expense, the Trudeau government announced Tuesday. As the Canadian Press reports, the plan to house illegals in hotels was only supposed to be a one-month trial experiment until the government could find another solution.

The asylum seekers had already crowded into homeless shelters and even university dorms so a hotel stay was the considered response. (RELATED: Trudeau’s Border Control Plan; Put Illegals In Hotels)

Border Security Minister Bill Blair has already made one stop in Toronto to dispense $11 million to the city’s mayor, John Tory, to pay for the hotel rooms.

Blair’s issue manager explained that there would be more money coming in a statement.

“The hotel rooms in Toronto were reserved to allow city officials time to assist these asylum seekers to find housing solutions as they normally do for those who use municipal shelters,” said Jordan Crosby.

“We are now in the process of extending the hotel rooms in the GTA [Greater Toronto Area] for an additional four weeks while we continue to work with the city of Toronto to determine the next steps.”

Illegal refugees who enter Canada via an “unofficial” border crossing at the New York-Quebec border are bussed to Toronto because Montreal has complained about lack of housing. Toronto’s shelters are still 40 percent occupied by migrants, the Sun reports, and more continuing to arrive.
The Ontario government says the nation’s capital of Ottawa could be the next destination for illegals looking for somewhere to stay.

But the new Conservative administration of Doug Ford does not want to pay for an illegal refugee problem it believes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has created, so it is demanding full funding for both housing and social services that the illegals are entitled to when they arrive on Canadian soil, such as free medicare and legal aid.

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