President Trump Attacks NBC, Julie Swetnick Over Her Allegations Against Kavanaugh


Mike Brest Reporter
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President Trump criticized Julie Swetnick, the third woman to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, during his rally in Southaven, Mississippi on Tuesday night.

“We need more time for the FBI. The FBI has to do a more thorough search. We had another woman just reported by a sleaze bag lawyer named [Michael] Avenatti, sleaze bag, sleaze bag,” Trump said. “We have – well it turns out, even NBC who’s as bad as they get, even NBC couldn’t shield her with that interview. Did you see that interview? This woman had no clue what was going on, no clue, and yet she made the most horrible charges against a number one in his class at Yale, perfect human being.”

His comments come a day after Swetnick was interviewed by NBC’s Kate Snow. There were parts of her interview that contradicted her initial sworn testimony. In one major change, she said she did not see Kavanaugh, or his friend Mark Judge, spike the punch — after previously saying she saw them do it. (RELATED: Brett Kavanaugh’s Third Accuser Explains What Made Her Come Foward – Her Timeline Is Full Of Holes)

Swetnick also said that she wasn’t even certain Kavanaugh assaulted her. (RELATED: Julie Swetnick: ‘I Cannot Say That [Kavanaugh] Was One Of The Ones Who Assaulted Me’)

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