CNN’s Chris Cuomo Directs ‘Your Mom’ Joke At Don Lemon

(CNN 10/2/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN’s nightly host Chris Cuomo directed a “your mom” joke at fellow nightly host Don Lemon during a brief interaction between the two hosts at end of Cuomo’s show and the beginning of Lemon’s on Tuesday night.


Their initial conversation centered on President Trump mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony during his rally in Mississippi from earlier that night. (RELATED: Trump Mocks Christine Ford’s Allegations Against Kavanaugh)

The mom joke followed an exchange of pleasantries:

“I watched every second of your show. Thank you, sir,” Lemon said. When Cuomo asked if Lemon meant what he said, Lemon added, “I did, actually.”

“We’re talking about truth here, and you’re saying you watched every second of that show,” Cuomo responded.

Lemon added, “I did. I watched Eric Holder. I watched you with Stephen Moore, C’mon.”

“You know who watched every second? Your mom,” Cuomo fired back. “Your mom watched every second of my show.”

“I knew you were going to say my mom. Alright, goodbye.” Lemon commented.

Cuomo added, “Am I lying?”

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