Dershowitz On Julie Swetnick: ‘It Wouldn’t Surprise Me’ If She And Kavanaugh ‘Never Met Each Other’

Mike Brest Reporter
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Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz criticized the sworn testimony of Julie Swetnick on Wednesday during his appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight


“There are ethical and bar rules that say that when you submit an affidavit even to Congress and you later learn that there are things in the affidavit that are false, you have a continuing obligation to withdraw the affidavit. You cannot allow an affidavit to remain on the record if you have information suggesting it’s false. And any reasonable lawyer, hearing her on television, says you can’t any longer accept what’s in that affidavit,” Dershowitz stated.

Swetnick is being represented by Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who is also representing pornstar Stormy Daniels. According to Dershowitz, Avenatti could even face problems with Swetnick’s affidavit. (RELATED: Brett Kavanaugh’s Third Accuser Explains What Made Her Come Forward – Her Timeline Is Full Of Holes)

“She has to be investigated independently of the background check, criminally investigated, to see if she deliberately and willfully, with or without the aid of anyone else, made a decision just to frame somebody for something that he had nothing to do with,” he continued. “It wouldn’t surprise me if the FBI investigation proved they never met each other. If that turns out to be fact, she belongs in the court of law, being prosecuted with the presumption of innocence and a defender. But if the evidence shows that she committed perjury, prison.”

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