Lindsey Graham Has A Blunt Message For Democrats – It Forces Fox News To Get Out The Bleeper

(Photo: Screenshot/Fox News)

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham had a blunt response to his Democratic colleague who called the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh “bulls**t” on Fox News Thursday. The response forced Fox News to get out the bleeper.

Graham joined Laura Ingraham on her show to talk about how Democrats are handling the Kavanaugh FBI report. Ingraham played audio of Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez calling the investigation “bulls**t.”

After the clip played Graham said, “And let my friend Bob: what y’all have done is bulls**t.” Fox News to get out the bleeper on live TV for the moment.

Earlier Graham told the Democrats:

“It’s going to blow up in your face. I hope it does, because it was wrong. He’s gonna get on the court. They have no idea what the FBI supplemental investigation was about. They made up their minds to vote no before anybody said hello. … These two people who are my friends have no idea what they’re talking about.”