President Trump And Kanye West’s Meeting Sparked Both Cheers And Meltdowns

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Rapper Kanye West visited President Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday and they discussed a litany of topics in what turned out to be a wild meeting.

Their conversation began with the rapper delivering a nearly 10-minute long speech heaping praise on Trump.

“It was something about when I put this hat on — it made me feel like Superman,” West said while wearing his MAGA hat. “That’s my favorite superhero. You made a Superman cape for me, also, as a guy that looks up to you … looks up to American industry guys, nonpolitical, no bulls**t … and just goes in and gets it done.”

Former NFL legend Jim Brown was also in attendance.

At one point, West became so emotional he got up from his seat and walked behind the Resolute desk to give Trump a hug. (RELATED: Kanye Overcome With Love, Hugs Trump In Oval Office)

Despite the positive meeting inside the White House, many liberal political commentators were shocked at what they saw. MSNBC hosts Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi called the meeting an “assault on our White House.”


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