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As interesting to look at as some vaporizers can be, they’re also often finicky and unwieldy. If you’re more for the ergonomic and reliable type, and you happen to be concerned about bee extinction (and who isn’t?), then this Hippie Vaporizer presents a very attractive option. Designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and deliver time and time again for all of your vaping needs, it’s also only $29.99 after 25% off for Daily Caller readers right now.

Normally $40, this vape is 25 percent off

Normally $40, this vape is 25 percent off

Hippie Bee Vaporizer on sale for $29.99

The 2mL refillable chamber is magnetic and detachable, meaning easy refills, easy replacement, and a strong connection. And because there’s a second pod included, you can easily swap between substances on the go. Leaks and spit-backs are also out of the question here thanks to the Hippie Bee’s U-shaped airflow.

If you’d like a vaporizer that just plain works, is comfortable to use, and want to contribute a bit to bee preservation while you’re at it, you may have found the one. Check out the Hippie Bee Vaporizer at the Daily Caller Shop at 25% off—only $29.99—today.

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