PETA Says Cow’s Milk Is A ‘Symbol Used By White Supremacists’

William Davis Contributor
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Most people learn growing up that drinking milk is good for growth and bone development, but not everyone believes that.

According to animal rights activist group PETA’s Twitter page, drinking milk is a symbol of white supremacy:

Peta has long claimed that they are non-partisan and just want to help animals, so while the link between dairy products and white supremacy seems confusing at first, the animal rights organization’s tweet is meant to encourage people to want to stop consuming milk. (RELATED: Animal Cracker Company Caves To Peta, Chances Packaging)

Peta opposes the production and the consumption of milk because they believe that the act of milking the cow is abusive and strips the animal of its dignity.

The organization also claims to be standing up to white supremacists with their bold stance because, according to PETA, white supremacists drink milk in an effort to mock lactose intolerant minorities.

So, while drinking milk may make you physically stronger and healthier, one’s dairy consumption could be linked to white supremacy.

Update: PETA has released a statement to the Daily Caller:

PETA is not alone in commenting on this connection. The New York Times just reported—and is not the only outlet to do so—that white supremacists are obsessed with consuming cow’s milk because doing so shows that they aren’t lactose intolerant, as those of many other races are. The tired response from the deceitfully named Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF)—a front group for, among others, meat enterprises that slaughter billions of animals every year—is an attempt to distract from PETA’s animal-saving work by falsely describing our “shelter of last resort,” which takes in mostly sick, aged, injured, aggressive, or otherwise unadoptable animals. Those at CCF are fully aware that we offer a merciful release for suffering animals, without charge, if their owners cannot afford a final vet visit, and they are even more aware that our successful vegan advocacy is jeopardizing their paychecks. Please watch this video for an honest look at PETA’s lifesaving work.

Update: Will Coggin, research director at PETAKillsAnimals.com issued the following statement to the Daily Caller:

PETA’s bizarre association of milk with white supremacy shows there are no limits to the lengths it will go to obnoxiously push its vegan agenda. The groundless association is reminiscent of PETA’s past comparisons of modern farming to the Holocaust. Sadly, this isn’t the first time PETA has distorted the truth—this is an organization claiming to care about animals that kills thousands of dogs and cats at its headquarters instead of finding them homes.”

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