CNN’s John King Claims ‘No One’ Is Blaming Trump For Bomb Scares, Guest Immediately Does Just That


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN anchor John King claimed Thursday that no one is trying to blame President Donald Trump for the previous day’s bomb scare.

Shortly after King made that claim, one of his guests suggested that Trump’s rhetoric about the media could have played a role in the attack.


“No one’s blaming the president,” King asserted. “Is anyone blaming the president? But the president now wants to make this about him.” (RELATED: Media Suggest President Trump Is Indirectly Responsible For Suspicious Packages)

CNN’s chyron during King’s comments read, “Trump Has No Plans To Claim Any Personal Responsibility For Inciting Serial Bomber.”

Politico’s Rachel Bade tried to tie Trump’s criticism of the media to the bombs just one minute after King claimed no one was blaming the president.

“Of course he played no role in this, but you have to look at this sort of greater context, this atmosphere that he has created in Washington in attacking the media, and you have to wonder if that has contributed to what happened yesterday,” Bade said. “There’s a line and it’s one thing to be critical of your enemies, it’s another thing to say the media is the ‘enemy of the people.'” (RELATED: Democratic Leaders Reject Trump’s Call For Unity After Bomb Scare)

“That’s just gotta contribute to this atmosphere you’re seeing right now,” Bade added.

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