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Meghan McCain Blows Up At The Raw Story


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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ABC “The View” co-host Meghan McCain isn’t one to shout “fake news” from the rooftops. But The Raw Story, a left-leaning site that frames her life in the most unflattering of ways, has gotten on her last nerve.

Here’s the thing about McCain: Love or hate her politics or her personality, she lets it all hang out. Be it her weight, flashing her breasts, her conservative-minded husband, her drinking and her grief over her father’s recent death, or her distaste for talking about sex during hot topics, she spills.

So when The Raw Story repeatedly painted her in a false light, she finally lost her cool. Less than three weeks ago, The Raw Story welcomed her back after her father’s death by portraying her as a woman with a drinking problem.

The same reporter who knifed McCain for her boozing — Travis Gettys — was also the author of this week’s hit piece on her. His staff bio says his coverage includes a “special emphasis” on “right-wing extremism.” He is based in northern Kentucky.

Here’s what The Raw Story reported Wednesday:

While McCain raised the issue that there are politicians on the right getting heckled and harassed, she was not comparing those incidents to Thursday’s bomb threats and packages that were sent to CNN and a bunch of Democratic leaders.

The whole discussion hinged on a larger point about restoring civility in the nation.

She pointed out that some of the ladies on “The View” now require security. Which seems like a pretty relevant thing to say during a discussion on this safety of journalists and politicians amid this week’s bomb threats.