Here’s How The FBI Caught Mail Bombing Suspect Cesar Sayoc

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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Alleged attempted mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc left a fingerprint and DNA samples on packages bound for his intended victims, FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a Friday press conference.

Wray told reporters Sayoc constructed and mailed 13 known improvised explosive devices to Democratic officials, former public officials and CNN.

The FBI director continued that Sayoc allegedly left a latent fingerprint on a package bound for California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters along with two DNA samples on other IEDs intercepted by federal authorities. (RELATED: DOJ Confirms Arrest Made In Connection With Bomb Scares)

“A latent fingerprint was detected on Waters Package-1 and this fingerprint was identified to CESAR ALTIERI SAYOC,” the criminal complaint filed against Sayoc in the U.S. Southern District of New York elaborated.


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The criminal complaint continued there “is a possible DNA association between a sample collected from a piece of the IED inside the Obama Package and a sample collected from SAYOC by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.” (RELATED: Bombing Suspect’s Van Appears To Be Covered In Trump, ‘CNN Sucks’ Stickers)

The FBI also revealed in its criminal complaint that many of the packages sent to intended targets were sent from U.S. Postal Service’s Royal Palm Mail Processing Center in Opa-Locka, Florida.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions noted that Sayoc “appears to be a partisan” based on photos of his van that have emerged with fanatical decals dedicated to President Donald Trump. Sayoc was also active on social media, enthusiastically sharing partisan memes attacking Democrats.