Ohio State Fan Appears To Spit In The Face Of A Woman. Gets Hit With Instant Karma [VIDEO]

Ohio State (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video Barstool Sports)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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An idiotic Ohio State Buckeyes fan crossed the line this past weekend when his team played Nebraska.

The man can be seen on video spitting the face of a female during some kind of verbal exchange.

Obviously, that went over about as well as you’d expect. Another woman came running in and pushed the guy over the seats. It was some instant justice.

Listen, we all know my thoughts on fighting at sporting events. I hate it, think it’s 100-percent unacceptable, and you should go to prison for decades if you ruin somebody’s day doing it.

This situation is even worse. He very clearly appeared to spit in the face of a woman! What the hell was he thinking? (RELATED: Watch These Idiots Brawl At An Arkansas Football Game. What Are They Thinking? [VIDEO])

I sure hope like hell the police got this guy before he got away. There is literally no excuse for what he did. Even if it was a life or death situation (it wasn’t), allegedly spitting on someone is not even rational. If somebody broke into your house, would you start spitting as a form of self-defense?

Stay classy, OSU. You’d hate to see such a spotless program and fanbase have to get smeared by this guy.

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