Cowboys Legend Defends Dak Prescott. Here’s What He Said

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

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Perhaps no player in the NFL has fallen faster or harder than Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

It was just two years ago that Prescott stepped in for the injured Tony Romo, led the Cowboys to a 13-3 season and the number one seed in the NFC as a rookie.

That year, Prescott was named rookie of the year, and even drew comparisons to Tom Brady. (RELATED: The Dallas Cowboys Are In Legal Trouble. The Case Involves A Former Cheerleader)

However, things have changed. Since 2016, Prescott’s record as a starting quarterback is 11-13, and he has not improved as a passer. Many Cowboys fans want a new direction at the position, but Prescott still has at least one legendary Cowboys quarterback in his corner, Super Bowl-winning quarterback Roger Staubach.

“I still believe in Dak,” Staubach said. “I can’t go the other way. I just believe in him and he’s taking it on his own shoulders now, so this is a crucial time for him and the team … He’s committed. He doesn’t blame anybody else. He’s taking it on his shoulders, which is what you have to do as a quarterback. I believe Dak is going to get things turned around.”

Staubach didn’t absolve Prescott of any blame, saying that he is “part of the problem,” but not the whole part. Staubach also called Prescott a “winner,” and appeared to blame most of the franchise’s struggles on the ownership team.

Stephen and Jerry Jones could need a come-to-Jesus meeting soon, Cowboys Hall of Fame QB Roger Staubach tells @usatodaysports:

This is true, but the reality is that the NFL is a quarterback-driven league, and the Cowboys’ stagnation as a franchise directly correlates with Prescott’s stagnation.

Jerry Jones has already publicly chimed in on his frustrations with the direction of the franchise, and if things don’t improve, I firmly expect him to clean house.

That will include finding a new quarterback.