Crenshaw Opens Up About ‘SNL’ Appearance, Explains What He Wants To Do In Congress


Mike Brest Reporter
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Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw described his feelings about his appearance on “Saturday Night Live” and what he wants to do in Congress during an interview with Martha MacCallum on Monday night.

Crenshaw gained even more notoriety after “SNL” made fun of him in a way that many considered to be tasteless. As a result of the backlash, Crenshaw appeared on the next week’s episode.

After joking around with Pete Davidson, the cast member that made the joke, Crenshaw delivered a message to the country. (RELATED: Meet The One-Eyed Navy SEAL Running For Congress In Texas)

Crenshaw stated, “There are a lot of lessons to learn here, not just that the left and right can still agree on some things, but also this: Americans can forgive one another. We can remember what brings us together as a country and still see the good in each other.”

He appeared on “The Story With Martha MacCallum” to discuss the incident and his response to it.


“My take on it was that they genuinely didn’t really mean it the way it came out. I think they were sincerely apologetic and wanted to make it right. They really wanted to do it that weekend because it was Veterans Day and because it was an opportunity to send a message about veterans and unity. What we can actually still agree on as Americans,” Crenshaw stated. (RELATED: Former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw Has A Message For All Americans This Veterans Day)

“I feel like we live in a society where everything is a fireable offense and there’s nothing that falls short of that, and you cannot say you are sorry and be sincere. So now you’re going to D.C., and I do want to ask you quick questions about what you plan to do there. One of the things you want to do, you said is to make more people young Republicans. How do you plan to do that?” MacCallum asked.

“Well, it’s not easy. But I think it starts by explaining our values and in maybe different ways, ways that aren’t necessarily sloganeering or talking points but explaining what we mean by limited government,” he added.

“Where do you want your problem solved? Do you want them solved by local representatives who you can walk down the street and knock on their door or do you really want problems solved by federal bureaucrats in Washington,” Crenshaw continued. “We have to explain what we mean by things like limited government, by responsible government, sustainable government, can we afford all the things we are talking about doing or spending on?”

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