Greg Gutfeld Heaps Praise On Dan Crenshaw And ‘SNL’ For Response To Backlash To Bad Joke

Fox News 11/12/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld praised Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw and “SNL” for how they responded to the backlash from a controversial joke about Crenshaw. Gutfeld made the assessment on “The Five” Monday afternoon.

On “SNL” last weekend, cast member Pete Davidson compared Crenshaw to “a hit-man in a porno movie” and joked about the former Lieutenant Commander losing an eye. (RELATED: Former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw Has A Message For All Americans This Veterans Day)

After the backlash, “SNL” invited Crenshaw to appear alongside Davidson. During the segment, Davidson apologized and Crenshaw had the opportunity to joke about Davidson’s failed engagement with pop-singer Ariana Grande(RELATED: Meet The One-Eyed Navy SEAL Running For Congress In Texas)


“Well, that’s legitimately awesome. There were three winners here, Crenshaw for his reasonable response to a careless comment, ‘SNL’ for finding a clever way to clean up a mess and America, for being handed an honest to god blueprint for dealing with future outrages. Instead of ramping up the rage, it dialed it back,” Gutfeld began.

He continued, “We’ve said it here before, it’s beyond time to stop chasing scalps, demanding apologies, only to then refuse them. Haven’t we had enough of the mob, the constant indignation, the judgmental hoards of bored souls spoiling for a fight? I know I have. So here Crenshaw initiated a new way forward, express your opinion, don’t condemn, and see what happens. “SNL” responded with humble, good humor.”

“Yeah, to me, this was so classic and so good, I just agreed with you. I just can’t get over Crenshaw,” Juan Williams added. “It’s not often but it does happen. I thought that Dan Crenshaw was super classy, I thought he was classy from the start, don’t mistake me. I thought when he said I don’t need an apology. People say silly stuff all the time. I think it was really, you know, above and beyond for him to actually come to New York and go on the show and go through the whole thing. I just thought it was terrific.”

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