CNN’s Lawsuit Against Trump Administration Is Riddled With Inaccuracies

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CNN’s filed a lawsuit against Trump administration officials on Tuesday over the White House revoking Jim Acosta’s press credentials, but there were multiple wrong statements in it. CNN is alleging that having his credentials revoked violates his First and Fifth Amendment rights.

The five glaring mistakes are as followed:

  1. Mischaracterized Acosta’s questions — The lawsuit failed to mention that Acosta began the exchange by announcing that he was going to “challenge” President Donald Trump on his rhetoric.
  2. Claimed every reporter used a microphone to ask questions — CNN’s own analyst April Ryan shouted out a question to the president, which he rebuked because he had already called on TheDC’s Saagar Enjeti.
  3. Disregarded Acosta interrupting NBC’s Peter Alexander to continue fighting with Trump — The president had moved on to Alexander when Acosta interrupted to continue to hound the president.
  4. Did not mention Acosta making contact with the WH intern — Many people have debated whether or not Acosta “placed his hands” on the intern, but the video is clear and definitive. Acosta and the intern did make physical contact with one another as he attempted to prevent her from taking the microphone.
  5. Falsely listed a reporter as being at the press conference — The lawsuit listed The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Chuck Ross as being at the press conference, but he lives and works in Kansas. He was not, in fact, in attendance — but did express his opinion on the matter on Twitter.

The entire fiasco began last Wednesday during Trump’s post-midterm election press conference.

Acosta asked the Trump about his rhetoric on the migrant caravan. Trump shut him down and asked him to sit down. Acosta refused and continued to talk. The president retaliated by verbally attacking both Acosta and CNN. As this was going on, a White House intern approached Acosta and tried to take the microphone from him. (RELATED: Trump Accuses Reporter Of Asking ‘Racist’ Question)

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