We Sought Asylum From Trump’s Rhetoric In Mexico. Here’s What Happened

Richie McGinniss | Chief Video Editor

The establishment media is fixated on the caravan that is heading for the United States border. Once Trump declared that he would be sending troops to ensure that the caravan would not pass freely into the U.S., the pundits doubled down. But in order to have a legitimate legal claim to enter the United States, participants of the caravan have to identify credible fear of violence in their home county.

Based on this premise for asylum, perhaps there are journalists in America who may need refuge from Trump’s purported dangerous rhetoric. If American journalists are so afraid for their safety here in America, maybe they would be better off and safer in Mexico. (RELATED: CNN Sues The White House Over Jim Acosta’s Revoked Press Credentials)

This is why The Daily Caller sought to answer the question of whether or not snowflake journalists have a legitimate legal claim to seek refuge in Mexican sovereign territory. The answer may shock you, but you have to tune in to find out.

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