Our College Football Gambling Picks Got Destroyed. It’s Time To Smash The Panic Button

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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We’ve officially reached full crisis mode with our college football gambling picks.

Entering the weekend, we were 27-27-1. There was literally no room for error at all. Well, how did we do? We got blitzed on all fronts. (RELATED: The Latest AP College Football Poll Has Arrived. Does Number Two Surprise You?)

For those who forgot, the picks are below:

  • Ohio State (-10) vs. Maryland: LOSS
  • Kentucky (-16) vs. Middle Tennessee: LOSS
  • Northwestern (-2) vs. Minnesota: WIN
  • Notre Dame vs. Syracuse (+10.5): LOSS
  • Washington State (-9.5) vs. Arizona: WIN

There’s simply no other way to put it than we’re in deep trouble. Big trouble, my friends. Now, we’re at 29-30-1, and we only have a couple more weekends of picks. That is not a good sign.

Yet, we must battle forward. Nobody got ahead in life by sheepishly hanging in the background. Did I think Notre Dame would blow out Syracuse? Hell no. I was extremely confident on that one, and we still got annihilated.


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We’ve been tumbling a bit. Hand up. I have to own that fact. For once, Wisconsin wasn’t on the list, and it’s the one week I probably just should have taken the Badgers.

Now, we actually have no room for mistakes of any kind. We need to go 3-2 this weekend just in order to finish the regular season at .500. This is not where I wanted us to be at all.

Now, we prepare to do battle for one of the final times this season. For any of you that have favors with the big man upstairs, now is the time to call them in.