These Angry People Want You To Ruin Your Family’s Thanksgiving Over Politics


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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It’s Thanksgiving Eve, and social media users are encouraging people to prepare for a political showdown during their annual Thanksgiving dinners.

While family members are shoveling turkey and stuffing down their throats, others on Twitter also suggest force-feeding them diatribes about racism, sexism and President Donald Trump. (RELATED: NYT Publishes Advice For Talking To Your ‘Angry Uncle’ At Thanksgiving)

Alex Berg, who works with Mic and Sirius XM, urged white women with Trump-supporting relatives to prepare talking points about “systemic racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc.”

“Hey uncle, pass the cranberry sauce please, and did you know that Black women make just 61 cents for every dollar you make!?” Berg offered as one suggestion.

Lifestyle magazine Harper’s Bazaar offered advice specific to discussing the topic of racism in an article published on Monday.

In addition to trashing Christopher Columbus, Rachel Elizabeth Cargle writes, Thanksgiving attendees should be prepared to discuss anthem kneeling, Black Lives Matter and white privilege. They should also chide anyone at the table who accuses them of being divisive by attacking their family members with accusations of racism.

Actor David Dastmalchian attacked the idea that politics should not be discussed during Thanksgiving, tweeting, “Immoral, unAmerican, unprincipled, illegitimate, racist, woman-bashing men have more power in U.S. government than in decades. Manners don’t matter when human [and] civil rights are at stake.”

Democratic Congressional candidate Brianna Wu agreed that some discussions are too urgent to leave for another time. While Wu said people who bring up politics shouldn’t be disrespectful, they shouldn’t be afraid to tell family members to turn off Fox News or broach the topic of “children … locked in cages.”

Allana Harkin, a producer for Samantha Bee’s show “Full Frontal,” suggested a more passive approach to political conversations this year: “Just leave little notes around their house that they can find after you leave like ‘Stronger Together’ and ‘Hillary was ROBBED,'” Harkin tweeted Tuesday.

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