Remember The Hit Movie ‘The Santa Clause’ With Tim Allen? It Was Supposed To Be Way More Violent

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Tim Allen was supposed to shoot and kill Santa at the beginning of the hit 1994 movie “The Santa Clause.”

Allen said the following during an appearance on “The Tonight Show” earlier this week, according to Page Six:

The original ‘Santa Clause’ is a little darker, written by two comedians, and I actually shot and killed Santa, in the original movie. He fell off the roof because I thought he was a burglar. He gives me the card, the whole movie starts. The kid actually starts, ‘You just killed Santa.’ And I said, ‘He shouldn’t have been on the roof when he wasn’t invited.’

Obviously, Disney decided against the opening and instead had Santa fall off the roof in the classic Christmas film.

You can watch the whole segment below:

Man, I really wish we had the director’s cut of this film where Allen walks outside with an AR-15 and just starts spraying lead. That would be funny as hell.

“He shouldn’t have been on the roof when he wasn’t invited,” would have been an all-time great movie line. Did Clint Eastwood say that or did it come from a children’s Christmas movie? Hard to say. (RELATED: It’s Never Too Early To Get A Start On The 2018 Christmas Celebration)

Instead, Disney went weak and had him slip and fall. I’m not saying it was a terrible idea. We obviously don’t want to be traumatizing little kids, but mowing down Santa during an assumed home invasion is laugh-out-loud funny.

Please, find a way to reshoot the movie with the original opening. That would be a true Christmas gift.

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