EXCLUSIVE Roger Stone: Report I Developed A ‘Cover Story’ With Corsi Is Devoid Of Logic


Roger Stone Political Consultant
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My friend Dr. Jerry Corsi is being harassed by the special counsel, not for lying, but for refusing to lie. It is inconceivable that in America, someone would be prosecuted for refusing to swear to a false narrative pushed on him by Robert Mueller’s team of investigators.

However, according to new media reports, Dr. Corsi received “limited-use immunity” to testify that he worked with me to develop an after-the-fact cover for my now-iconic Aug. 21, 2016 tweet about John Podesta and his brother, Tony, in which I stated it would “it will soon be the Podesta’s time in the barrel.” The idea that we developed any such story is completely devoid of logic.

At the time, that tweet went completely unnoticed and unreported. I did not need anything to deflect attention. I steadfastly maintain that Jerry, who had been researching the Podesta brothers, brought their business dealings to my attention, and that is what prompted my tweet. I asked him if he would write it up, and he agreed. It took him until around the end of August to do so.

Go back and look at the reporting at the time. It was not until after the Podesta emails were released that my tweet got any attention. If the reports are true, Jerry is simply mistaken that what we discussed was a cover. Ask yourself: a cover for what? In August 2016, there was no investigation, no special counsel, no congressional committees, and no subpoenas. Why would a cover story be necessary?

According to published media reports, Mueller’s team is contending that Jerry had advance information about emails to and from Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta that had been purloined and would be published by Wikileaks. If Jerry ever deduced as much, he did not share that conclusion with me. Our discussions were limited to the research he had been doing on the money and business ties that John Podesta and his brother, Tony Podesta, had with Russian oligarchs in gas, banking and uranium and who were also tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I never received advance notice, from anyone, that Podesta’s emails had been “nicked,” as the Brits would say, and would be published. Any and all research I received from Dr. Corsi came from public legal sources.

As Dr. Corsi has also said, I have no knowledge of any contact or communication with Wikileaks or its founder, Julian Assange, by Dr. Corsi.

The facts are clear. Mueller’s team is subjecting Corsi, an innocent American journalist engaged in First Amendment activities, to high-pressure gulag tactics reserved for violent organized crime (mafia) associates. These partisan “prosecutors” are determined to prove a false narrative.

Corsi told One America News that Mueller wanted him to say he was my conduit to Assange, and that I passed allegedly stolen or hacked emails to Donald Trump or the Trump campaign. Corsi said he refused to say it because that statement would have been false.

Despite all this, media reports indicate that Mueller deputy Jeannie Rhee, a former lawyer for the Clinton Foundation, ridiculed and badgered Dr. Corsi — a 72-year-old man — over 40 hours of interrogation.

Ironically, this all comes at the same time that Democrats nationally argue that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker should recuse himself because of his private political activities. Nothing could show the hypocrisy and the persistence of this hit squad more clearly.

Roger Stone is a legendary Republican political consultant and a veteran of many national Republican presidential campaigns. He’s also the men’s fashion correspondent for The Daily Caller and editor of Stonezone.com.

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