Keep Food Fresh For Longer With This Bag Sealer

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In order to properly preserve food and keep it fresh, you need an effective method of creating an airtight seal. Often times, a simple freezer bag just isn’t good enough. That’s what makes the ‘Seal The Deal’ Bag Sealer so useful. This simple gadget provides an airtight seal in a matter of seconds. The Daily Caller readers can get one today for 64% off the original price!

Normally $50, this bag sealer is 64 percent off

Normally $50, this bag sealer is 64 percent off

‘Seal The Deal’ Bag Sealer on sale for $17.99

The ‘Seal The Deal’ Bag Sealer is ideal for many different scenarios. From closing a bag of chips to storing leftover pasta, this sealer will ensure that your food stays fresh and watertight. It’s also great to use when packing for a trip to make sure that everything is separate and no liquids leak out.

Convenience is the best part of the ‘Seal The Deal’ Bag Sealer. Unlike other sealers, this one is extremely portable for you to use anywhere. It’s completely battery powered so you can use it remotely or on-the-go. On average, six AA batteries will provide enough power to seal about 300 bags. Plus, each sealer comes with four suction cups to stabilize on smooth surfaces and a convenient wall bracket for mounting anywhere.

Start preserving food the proper way with the ‘Seal The Deal’ Bag Sealer. At 64% off, this bag sealer will only cost you $17.99!

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