NFL QB Has Stash In Cayman Islands, But It Has Nothing To Do With Money

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

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The Cayman Islands are infamous for being a place where Americans with money store their cash in order to avoid having to pay taxes in the United States.

So, it makes sense that an NFL quarterback would also transfer a large stash there. However, while Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is putting the remote islands to use, it has nothing to do with avoiding taxes here in the United States. (RELATED: Green Bay Packers Coach Pulls An Unusual Move After Being Fired)

The star quarterback is reportedly using the Islands to prepare for life after football, by storing thousands of stem cells down there.

“I’ll be able to reinject [his stem cells] to any body part at a future date,” Tannehill said. “It gives me the option to be able to have my 28-year-old stem cells banked.”

The 30-year-old Miami quarterback is clearly going to great lengths to ensure that he can live a happy and healthy life after football.

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