Take An Extra 15 Percent Off These Unique CBD Products

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Many recognize the potential of CBD oils to relieve stress, anxiety, and physical pain. Some also say it helps them get a good night’s sleep, and even to clear their skin. If you want to take part in the craze and try CBD yourself, the Daily Caller shop currently has a unique range of on-sale options to choose from. Plus, right now you can apply the seasonal MERRY15 code to get an additional 15% off any one of them.

Medix CBD Oil

Whether you want to option to dress up the oil as you see fit in a homemade goody, or just want a no-fuss option, this straight solution is what you’re after. It comes in a range from 100mg to 4500mg, with about 15 servings per every 100mg. Completely non-psychoactive and loaded with antioxidants, these dropper bottles make for a highly versatile CBD delivery system.

Buy Now: An 100mg bottle generally tuns $26.99, but the Daily Caller shop offers it at 29% off and only $19 out the door. And if you add the MERRY15 code on top, you can walk away with a sample of the highest grade, pure CBD oil available for just $16.

Medix CBD Gummies

If you’d like some non-toxic treatment for a wide variety of common ailments and medical conditions with the tasty kick of a good gummy candy, Medix has got you covered. You can choose between regular gummy bears, sour bears, rainbow bites, or sour snakes. Choose from either 10 or 30 serving bottles of pure CBD—you won’t have to worry about side effects, drug tests, or any psychoactive highs.

Buy Now: The 300mg bottle runs $49.99 retail, while the 100mg bottle runs $16.99. Daily Caller readers can normally snag them at 29 and 23% off respectively, but the current MERRY15 discount code really puts the savings over the edge—for just $11 you can try the 100mg bottle and see what all the CBD fuss is about today.

Medix CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream

Many report that CBD oil can soothe physical symptoms with powerful results and this cream from Medix was designed with this in mind. Simply rub it into the aching area for quick, effective relief. Whether you’re sore for a workout or have a more serious underlying condition, the combination of pure CBD and other natural ingredients will put pain in its place.

Buy Now: Get a 150mg tub now at the Daily Caller shop for just $21 after a base discount of 30% off and the seasonal MERRY15 code.

Pet CBD Oil

For dog lovers, the only thing worse than being anxious or in pain is seeing their favorite pooch in bad shape. This formula comes in different bottles depending on what size dog you have, allowing you to apply the same non-toxic healing properties of CBD for your hound in need.

Buy Now: 100mg—suitable for small dogs—runs $29.99 at MSRP. Daily Caller readers get a base discount of 29% off, and when you use the current MERRY15 code on checkout you can get the bottle for just $18 out the door.

Medix “Relax” CBD Vape Oil Cartridge

There’s practically nothing this CBD vape cocktail can’t do. The cartridge features a specially formulated essential oil profile designed to put you in a perfect state of mind after a long hard day. The linalool will soothe you, the nerolidol and caryophyllene will protect you against pain and disease, and the limonene and borneol will lift your fatigue and improve mood.

Buy Now: Right now at the Daily Caller shop 250mg (about 100 drags) is on sale for 31% off the $44.99 MSRP at only $31. Apply the MERRY15 code on checkout and walk away with the cartridge for just $26.

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