Star Actor Says Anthem Protester And Close Kaepernick Confidant Is Being Treated Unfairly

(Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter

Nick Cannon isn’t giving the NFL an inch.

The star actor and producer told TMZ Sports Monday evening that it seems a lot like Panthers safety Eric Reid is being targeted for his stance on anthem protests.

We’ve covered Reid pretty heavily over the past two seasons. Reid, a former Kaepernick teammate, was one of the first to join him in his protest of the national anthem to bring awareness to racial inequality and police brutality. This season, Reid signed with the Carolina Panthers — but not without drama. (RELATED: One Of The Only Remaining Anthem Protestors Says The NFL Is Out To Get Him)

Reid, who filed a grievance against the NFL for allegedly blackballing him before he signed with Carolina in September, claims he’s been subjected to at least seven drug tests this season.

But while Reid may not have many allies in the NFL, Nick Cannon is standing with him.

Asked whether he thinks the NFL is “messing with” Reid this season, Cannon answered, “Absolutely.”

“Man, I think it’s f*cked up,” he continued.


The NFL has not confirmed that they’re drug testing Reid any more than usual, however it’s certainly not standard to test an individual with this kind of frequency in a regular season. reports that the NFL reserves the right to drug test a player up to six times in one season without reasonable cause. So either the NFL believes it has reasonable cause to test Reid this much, or something else is going on here.

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