2 All In One Devices That Will Replace Your Tool Box

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You don’t have to hire a handyman to make repairs around your house or build furniture. All-in-one devices have the same features of a toolbox but are easy enough for even a beginner to use. Some devices even have extra capabilities to make you a modern-day MacGyver.

1. Kelvin 23 Multi-Tool

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Kelvin 23 Multi-Tool on sale for $29.99

The Kelvin 23 Multi-Tool provides the capability of a whole toolbox in one device. Use the 23 commonly-used tools to hang pictures, assemble furniture, or build shelves. A magnet holds 16 bits to the device to size any job. The combination tape measure and liquid level ensure safety and accuracy. A toolbox with the same functions can cost up to $100 and takes up more space than the Kelvin 23 Multi-Tool.

For dark places like attics or basements, the LED light brightens dark crannies. A recent grad will find the Kelvin 23 Multi-Tool extra useful when setting up their first place.

Buy now: Fix anything around the house for a $29.99, reduced from $34.99. With the coupon code MERRY15, the final price drops to $25.49.

2. Kelvin 36: The Urban Super Tool

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Kelvin 36: The Urban Super Tool on sale for $42.99

The Kelvin 36: The Urban Super Tool does more than just fix things around the house – it’s useful in any tight spot. With a box cutter and bottle opener, use the super tool to open a sealed package or crack open a cold drink. The screwdriver locks in at 90 and 180 degrees to build complex machinery. The 26 CR-V bits with satin chrome plating can handle even the most strenuous task. The ergonomic rubber handle molds easily to your hand to stay comfortable even on long jobs.

The super tool combines the features of a toolbox with the mobile purposes of a Swiss army knife. Use the LED flashlight if your car breaks down at night or find your way back to camp while hiking. You can even be the hit of a party with the corkscrew feature. The Kelvin 36: The Urban Super Tool is a great gift for a family member to keep in their car trunk for emergencies.

Buy now: Be prepared for any situation for $42.99, reduced from $49.99. Use the coupon code MERRY15, dropping the final price to $36.54.

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