Criminal Justice Reform Bill Commands Bipartisan Cheers — An Insider Explains


Mike Brest Reporter
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TheDC’s Vince Coglianese sat down with Ja’Ron Smith, special assistant to President Donald Trump in legislative affairs, to discuss the First Step Act on Wednesday.

The bill, which includes both prison and sentencing reforms, passed the Senate on Tuesday night by a vote of 87-12. It received bipartisan support, and Trump backed the bill as well.


“The First Step Act is focused on recidivism reduction … the clear focus here is to create incentives to encourage low to minimal risk individuals, non-violent individuals, to participate in these recidivism reduction programs,” Smith said. (RELATED: Former Trump Prison Chief: The First Step Ace Is Critical To Justice)

He added, “What that would do will ensure once they return home they won’t be likely to commit another crime and will come home and become productive citizens. The whole goal of the First Step Act is to reduce crime and we do that by ensuring that individuals who are repeat offenders don’t end up back in prison.”

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