Kennedy, Watters Take Aim At Marie Harf For Equating A Rep. Comparing Trump To Hitler To Birtherism

Lisa Kennedy on The Five 1/3/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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“The Five” hosts Jesse Watters and Lisa Kennedy took aim at fellow co-host Marie Harf on Thursday for equating the member of Congress who compared President Donald Trump to Hitler with the birther movement.

Earlier this week, Rep. Hank Johnson compared the president to Hitler during a sermon. (Related: Jewish Groups, Holocaust Museum React Differently To Rep. Comparing Trump To Hitler)


“I want to talk about Hank Johnson. Hank Johnson is saying the president is so bad, he’s like Hitler. So somehow using foul language and course expletives and some weird language on Twitter is the same thing as exterminating 6 million Jews. I have a really hard time with that comparison and also Hank Johnson also compared Jews in Israel to termites,” Kennedy began.

“I don’t like what he said. I don’t like the Hitler references. I think that goes way too far,” Harf responded. “I do think though politics today on both sides, I’m going to do that, people say crazy things. Like we were joking at the beginning, if the Democrat — if a Republican said that about the Democratic Party, the things that were said about Barack Obama, about Michelle Obama— .”

“Was Barack Obama ever compared to Hitler by sitting member of Congress? When was he compared to Adolf Hitler?” Jesse Watters interrupted.

“Jesse, the current president questioned whether he was actually born in America. The things that were said,” Harf finished.

US President Donald Trump chairs a Cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, DC, on January 2, 2019. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

“Are you really comparing birtherism to calling someone Hitler?” Kennedy added. “Is that a direct comparison?! Because that’s pretty weak from you Marie. You’re smarter than that, you’re better than that.”

“I’m not making a direct comparison, but I’m saying there were terrible, awful, racist, sexist things said about Michelle Obama, about Barack Obama,” Harf responded.

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