NFL TV Ratings Increased On Every Single Network Showing Games In 2018

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Television ratings for the NFL in 2018 were even stronger than initially realized.

According to information released Wednesday by the NFL, ratings went up on every single network that showed games in 2018. “Thursday Night Football” on FOX and the NFL Network got a bump of four percent, “Sunday Night Football” on NBC got a bump of six percent, “Monday Night Football” on ESPN got a bump of eight percent, games on CBS went up six percent and games of FOX saw a ratings increase of two percent.

Streaming also saw a gigantic hike of 86 percent.

Everybody following along has known the ratings were trending up, but these numbers are truly mind-boggling.

Not only has the league turned itself around after two years of horrific protests and bad decisions, but the league is thriving. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Moments From Week 17 Of The NFL Season)

Seeing increases on every single network is one hell of an impressive accomplishment. Plus, they got a huge streaming bump. But it didn’t take away viewers from traditional broadcast. That’s a really good sign.


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I can’t even begin to imagine how happy NFL executives and Roger Goodell must be right about now. All the Kaepernick junk is in the past, the ratings are shooting up towards the moon and the league’s brand is getting stronger and stronger by the day.

There are plenty of critics of the league out there, but even all of them would have to admit these broadcasting numbers are insanely impressive.


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I wasn’t sure if the NFL would ever turns itself around, but the league clearly did. Well done, Goodell.

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