Somebody Get This Basketball Player Who Took A Backboard To The Face Into Concussion Protocol STAT


Jena Greene Reporter
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No matter how bad your New Year’s hangover was, I guarantee you this guy has a worse headache.

North Central College guard Blaise Meredith put pretty much everybody on blast (including himself) when he went up to block a shot Wednesday during a game against Augustana and got a face full of backboard instead. (RELATED: Is This The Most Electric Basketball Fight Video In All Of Human History? [VIDEO])


Somehow, Meredith wasn’t injured, which is borderline miraculous because this guy takes a SERIOUS “L” and pretty much pancakes on the floor. Really. He doesn’t even bounce when he lands. He just hits the deck and lays there. I’m no medic but I really think professionals should examine him anyways. You know, people who sustain head injuries don’t always make a ton of sense.

With that being said, I think Blaise Meredith just became one of 2019’s sports heroes of the year. That’s right. It’s only day three of 2019 and I’m giving that award out. You can see my award of top-10 sports and entertainment moments of 2018 here, just to keep me honest.

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